The Work of CBE

We support schools in creating standards driven, teacher developed and students owned processes that promote achievement and growth mindsets.

A systems approach - helping teachers build systems around the needs of students with rigor, transparency and viability.

Elementary principal discusses the positive impact CBE Solutions and the personalized learning implementation has had on her school climate and culture at both the student and teacher levels.

Building Organizational Capacity for Competency Based- Personalized Systems of Instruction

District Wide Systems Alignment

• Identify Competencies, Graduation Requirement and Power Standards
• Performance Indicators
• Develop Curriculum Maps

Designing for Transparency and Viability of Learning

• Proficiency Scoring and Scales
• Designing a balanced and rigorous assessment system.
• Learning Progressions, Pathways and Units
• Designing for Personalized Learning
• Instructional Planning for Leveled learning.
•Supports and Interventions

Recording and Reporting of Learning

Standards Based Grading

• Assessment System Design
• Learning Management Systems Alignment
• Reporting of Learning
• Data Driven Decision Making, Data Teams and Student Data Conferences

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