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We support schools in creating standards driven, teacher developed and student owned processes that promote achievement and growth mindsets.

CBE has been extremely helpful in guiding me to transform my teaching to create a student centered learning atmosphere.  Through this process CBE has helped me guide teachers to create student centered classrooms.  Through many hands-on workshops, CBE has guided this transition by helping me understand CCSS and how to use them to create learning progressions, capacity matrices, and data binders.  My students have greatly benefitted from this approach to learning.
— Kerri LeSieur, MS.Ed., Biddeford Primary School


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Dan has presented himself as a professional who is knowledgeable and able to facilitate change within our school community.   He was able to build a relationship with our staff who looked forward to his coaching visits as well as professional development days which allowed for collaboration.
— Mandy L. Cyr, CAS Students Services
Biddeford Primary school is a student-centered school that focuses on personalized learning and growth. Caley Jones has been an integral component in our school’s successes in these areas. Caley has spent countless hours modeling, observing, and shared her expertise. With her shared experiences and knowledge, our students have taken ownership over their learning and celebrate their successes. Creating a classroom that has personalized learning became easier because of Caley. Caley Jones is a excellent resource!
— Christine Goulet, Biddeford Primary School
Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching. According to John Hattie, Visible Learning and Teaching occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.
— John Hattie, Visible Learning 2009
The team at Competency Based Education Solutions are simply exceptional. Their Personalized Learning Coach has worked closely with my building-level principal and curriculum coordinator to develop focus areas for the implementation of personalized learning. CBE has helped us to utilize a systematic approach to develop student ownership of learning which has translated to improved student outcomes. They have surely made a difference in the way in which our educators support our learners!
— Dr. Heather Wilmot, Superintendent Wiscasset School Department
As a Principal at an Elementary school, CBE has been invaluable to the work that my team is doing and to the unification of my staff. Bringing our shared vision of learning for all students into focus. Not only have we developed a shared vision, we have a plan in place to make it a reality. Developing student centered practices, transparent and viable learning pathways and now we are working on aligning our instructional practices. It has been hard work, but both my staff and myself can speak to the support and guidance that Daniel Joseph and his colleagues at CBE have provided us as we look transform our learning for all students.
— Margaret Pitts, Biddeford Primary School