Career and Technical Education

Overall Design Framework for CBE and CTE:

It is essential that core academics, personal success skills and college and career readiness standards are all aligned at the district, building and course levels to provide equity and ensure student success for their future.

● Develop student engagement measures and reflection opportunities to constantly monitor the learning experience and learning outcomes.

● Create a process for pathway development and review through data collection and continued input from shareholders.

● Create multiple measures and diagnostics (CCR, CCSS, Industry) to gauge student readiness and inform program intentionality to continuously improve and sustain the career pathways system.

Talent and Education Development: Building an accurate and comprehensive career ladder/lattice requires knowledge of the industry and of jobs within that industry, as well as an understanding of the related occupations. A career ladder/lattice, you should reach out to industry and other knowledgeable experts to gather information about the industry and jobs within the target career.

Career awareness and exploration:

Career exploration may include activities such as performing self-assessments, taking personality and interest inventories, and reviewing information on available careers from job descriptions, workforce information, promotional videos, realistic job previews, and job incumbents.

Determine your readiness

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