Career and Technical Education

Inquiry and improvement cycle is enhanced when teachers and leaders focus on key factors that are closely connected to student learning. Those key factors include aligned and rigorous instructional and learning strategies, timely and transparent assessments, personal competency development, authentic and targeted activities that support and enhance deeper learning, leadership and systems approaches to enhance students’ time, place, path, and pace of learning. Student centered culture and student lead learning are true leverage points for meeting the new accountability of student achievement.

Multiple Pathways:

District leaders and instructors develop distinct pathways that are aligned to industry standards, college and career readiness standards as well as the common core expectations for all students. These course progressions will ensure all students graduate with the technical, vocational and core academic skills necessary for success in a variety of educational and real world settings.

● Map and assess existing career readiness policies and programs to align to current needs.

● Develop career pathways and academies that integrate standards and skills into core competencies that are aligned to career readiness standards and industry expectations.

● Develop policies and systems that are rigorous, flexible and valid to ensure student learning is transferable and appropriately credentialed by outside learning agencies.

Determine your readiness

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