Career and Technical Education

● Create clear articulations of the knowledge, skills and dispositions that all students should acquire within and across industries and careers as expressed areas of competency.

● Ensure competencies and learning outcomes are scaffolded and integrated across content areas as well as grade levels.

● Develop multiple pathways for students to demonstrate their learning across a variety of contexts to enhance access, relevancy and equity for students.

● Develop a timely, rigorous and outcomes based assessment system that will capture student learning and mastery within and beyond their school based programming.

Competencies and Standards

● Competency Development as aligned to PoG and Talent Transcript.
● Identification of relevant standards and performance indicators.
● Development and deployment of Core Competencies.
● Personal Effectiveness.
● Academic.
● Workplace.
● Industry.
● Implementation planning for Pathways Development, Assessments and Credentialing of Competencies.

College and Career Readiness  Skills

Taught and aligned to academic behavioral outcomes that  are monitored, measured and reported.

● Career Awareness, Exploration and Readiness Inventory.
● Integration K-12.
● Building a student centered culture for learning.
● Student monitoring and measuring interpersonal skills.
● Learner transparency (Choice-Engagement).
● Work based learning.
● Extended Learning (ELO).
● Project based learning.
● Credentialed program.
● Dual enrollment.
● Integrated Personal and CCR standards.

Performance Assessment and Feedback

● Balanced assessment system (Summative, Formative and Instructional Feedback).
● Performance Assessments.
● Student Pacing.
● Student Agency (Growth Mindset).
● Extended Learning.

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